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Est. 2009
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Our story

At Renzo’s, our cherished family-owned restaurant, we embrace the art of grilling, a skill deeply ingrained in our Argentinian roots. Drawing upon the culinary traditions passed down through generations. Inspired by our gastronomic heritage from Italy and Spain.


Our mastery is beef, and the authentic art of Argentine grilling. We meticulously select and hand-butcher each of our delectable offerings such as dry-aged steaks, wagyu beef, and artisanal sausages made in-house. Indulge in our exquisite daily selection of house-made desserts, crafted to perfection and unique to our establishment.


3 Locations in the Tampa Bay Area: “South Tampa” on Kennedy Boulevard. “North Tampa” in Carrollwood at the Grand Plaza shopping center. And our newest location in the heart of dowtown “St. Petersburg”. Order our food conveniently online, or find Renzo’s classics at all major food delivery apps.

Passion & Excitement for Cooking

Our culinary philosophy revolves around people, ingredients, and the evolution of cherished recipes that reflect the individuals who craft them. Our menu presents a diverse array of Latin American dishes, inviting guests on a gastronomic journey through time and across various regions. We take pride in drawing inspiration from our European ancestors while incorporating the rich ingredients and flavors that embody the diverse tapestry of Latin American cuisine.

Winemaking without rules. Created with food in mind

From Napa to Patagonia

Our wine collection is as important to us as our food. Traditional Old World selections, New World varietals, and rare finds that we pair perfectly with our food.

It’s all about the Tapas!

Our tapas are a variety of bite-sized, delectable Spanish appetizers




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